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Body Zorbing is a great fun and exciting outdoors/indoors activity to be part of and is very entertaining to watch. You can take a range of activities including Zorb football, Zorb Sumo and other tumbling activities.

What is Body Zorbing?

Body Zorbing is a unique group activity, where player upper body will slide into the zorbs, while the legs are free to walk, run, jump or kick a ball depending what game you are playing. It can be played outdoors on grass, astro turf or sand and indoors in a sports hall.

Is Body Zorbing for me?

Body zorbing is a great fun for most age groups and a great alternative to the usual entertainment. It can be used on a variety of activities from birthday parties to school events.

Body Zorbing is safe

Our zorbs are made with hard TPU and fitted with two strong handles and a padded internal harness system. They are designed in such a manner that the players are confined and restricted to the unit for safe holding during activities. The players are protected by a cushion of air from the inner skin to the outer skin.

How much does it cost?

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Our Body Zorbing costs:
Price for 1 hour:
£120 within 10 miles
£130 with our 3G pitch
£160 with our 3G pitch & CLub house
£80 for any additional hour